JDM Academy
JDM Academy was opened by Jenni Dandy-Morris in September 2013. A qualified and experienced teacher (both Primary & Secondary), Jenni oversees all teaching at JDM; delivering piano, woodwind, singing,
Livewire Youth Music
Staffed by a highly trained and qualified team of paid and volunteer Youth Workers and a team of professional musicians and performing arts workers our emphasis is on the power of music to help and
Kernow Music School
Alex Cockle has been involved in music since the age of four when his father Manny taught him the harmonica. He grew up listening to the greats of jazz and soul music. During that time Alex studied
Violin Cornwall
I am a fully qualified teacher and violinist having worked for the County Music Service for over 8 years delivering individual, group and whole class lessons and also working with local string
Keith Rusling
The pleasure of making music and the satisfaction of mastering a musical instrument make for a truly life- enhancing experience. As an experienced, qualified teacher I can help you along the way with
Dan Cole Guitar Lessons
Daniel Cole has been a guitarist and musician in Cornwall for more than 20 years. For many years Dan has been playing in bands in Cornwall like The Hitchcock Rules and Kola and graduated with a BA