Schott Music Shop
Hello and thanks for visiting. Here can find an extensive selection of free and accurate scores and videos, tips and tricks for learning, information on private lessons and much more. Have a look
UK Music Rehearsal Room
The industry-backed group pushes the key business and political agenda of the music business within Westminster, with senior corporate leaders and the media. UK Music promotes the interests of record
Piano-Yoga Music School
The Piano-Yoga holistic piano method, created by Russian Virtuoso pianist GĂ©NIA, is based on a deep connection between the Russian Piano School and Yoga. Piano-Yoga School welcomes beginner to
Singing Lessons In London
Contemporary training and classical training are very different. This is why you want to chose a teacher specialising in contemporary music and training if that is the music you wish to sing. Whether
B M G Chrysalis
BMG offers a new digital-age service alternative to songwriters, artists and rights owners in the music industry. It is a rights management company equally representing music publishing and recording
London Guitar Lessons
We have specific beginner lessons for those new to the guitar. Past that, we offer a wide variety of guitar lessons, including electric guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, music theory lessons,

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