Clarinet Tuition North Bristol

As an enthusiastic founder of our clarinet and saxophone ensemble - 'REED MAIDS' - Laura has really put the single-reed ensemble in a prominent position in the musical life of our school.

Laura has a great rapport with my two (quite different) children. She manages to balance an infectious enthusiasm with a serious, methodical approach to developing technique. Totally organised and reliable.

Laura has a passion for the development of music at all levels, and her enthusiasm is infectious. She is reliable and fun to work with. She is encouraging yet realistic, sets a good pace yet is responsive to individual students, has high expectations yet is supportive. You can play for fun, take exams, join a band - the choice is yours. Laura understands that although an adult learner may be highly motivated, there are times when life intervenes. Through her I have met other adult learners, been given the opportunity to perform individually and take part in ensemble work.