Transformance Music Group

From humble beginnings in an East London community centre in 2011, we have become an in-demand organisation that sits at the forefront of developments in ‘iPad Music-Making in the Classroom'. Our projects and teacher training develop pupils' musicianship and theoretical understanding whilst harnessing the the creative potential of the iPad. Our varied backgrounds in formal, non-formal and SEN contexts allow us to tailor projects to the requirements of our clients.

Ben Sellers is a multi-instrumentalist, Community Musician and classroom teacher based in London. His practice focuses on songwriting/composition and improvisation, often using technology, and often in SEN/D settings. Like his workshop leader heroes, he sees the music workshop as a space for personal and social transformation. In addition to his role as an Associate Musician with Drake Music, recent partners have included the BBC Symphony Orchestra, The Museum of London and WOMAD Festival.