You have a beautiful voice and you can sing. However, singing at the karaoke bar is just not enough. You want to become your best at singing and develop a voice that leaves everyone amazed. It is not impossible. Improving your singing abilities, skills and talent takes some time and learning the right techniques, however, it definitely works. Here are some truly working ways to help you learn to sing better.

Don’t Forget to Warmup Your Body

Before you go on stage or simply before you sing no matter where and if you have an audience or not, you should warm up your body. You probably heard that warming up your voice is important and the key to flawless performance and this is, without a doubt, absolutely right. However, before you even warm up your voice, you should take care of warming up your body for the performance. The best group of exercises for the goal are aerobic exercises that will give your body a rush of energy and joy and your voice will respond faster. You will know you are warmed up once you start sweating.

Release the Tension

If you are singing professionally or you already know a thing or two about singing, you probably know that tension is the worst enemy of the singer. What can help you release the tension before a singing performance is a yoga, breathing techniques, or deep stretching? The worst thing you can do that will increase the tension even more is holding your breath and pushing it past your limits. A good technique for releasing the tension right before singing is opening your mouth and jaw, then closing them and repeating until you are able to do the movements freely. Make sure that your facial muscles, lips, tongue, neck and shoulders move freely and without any tension.

Take My Breath Away

Singing has a lot of common with speaking. For example, when we are speaking, we don’t run out of breath in the middle of a sentence and we also don’t take actively break every time before we start to speak. The same applies to singing. Our body knows much air we need in order to speak or sing. Therefore, actively taking a breath is unnecessary when we are singing and it can cause additional tension in the chest, shoulders, neck.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Another important breathing rule when you sing is not taking a breath and holding it before you start singing because you will cause tension too. Imagine singing like speaking, it happens naturally, you always have enough amount of breath to finishing your sentence.

Open Your Mouth

Not holding your breath means you will be able to instantly feel the connection to your belly moving in and out. The feeling should be something similar to when you are yawning and it means your mouth is open enough for singing. If you need additional guidance, imagine putting at least two fingers between your teeth. This is the optimal width for a good position for singing.

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