The Institute Of Contemporary Music

We now offer a range of professional courses including a Masters degree, Degrees in Popular Music Performance, Creative Musicianship, and Songwriting, a range of Cert HE courses, a fully-funded one-year Diploma, a specialist one-year Higher Diploma, plus a wide portfolio of part-time courses designed to meet a variety of training needs for guitarists, bass players, drummers, vocalists, songwriters and aspiring music business executives and entrepreneurs.

At the Institute, we are constantly focused on the needs of our students, who have chosen to commit a significant part of their lives to the study of music and who are embarking on a challenging and demanding journey. Our mission therefore is very simple: we aim to inspire, encourage and equip our students to succeed by delivering a relevant and innovative educational experience of the highest quality. Our goal is their success.

The Institute is an independent, specialist education provider.