Pop & Rock Keyboard Tuition

I have been playing Keyboards in bands since 1998, having toured in Europe and played at many UK venues. My experience has been wide-ranging from performing in a 10 Piece Soul Band to playing Deep Purple covers, Southern Country Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock and Pop covers. I have also played and Co-wrote on Albums with Unsigned bands and Chart based artists. I started learning Piano and Clarinet at the age of 11, whilst I enjoyed these instruments I felt increasingly frustrated at the lack of Popular music material available for beginners. Having studied music at College and University I still felt that there was a considerable gap in Professional Style based Rock and Pop Techniques. Most of my skills were learnt from other Musicians and I began to adapt Guitar Techniques to work with Keyboards in a band setting. Fortunately now, there are more resources available that are Popular Music based, including Graded Exams.