Mish Mash Music

We had been along to our first visit to a local music group and it hadn't worked out for us.

The class was regimented. The songs didn't grab me or Ethan, and most of the time, the babies and children weren't being involved. The teacher had insisted all the children sit still, facing her (my little baby was clearly nervous.) Parents were being told off for letting their little ones crawl around.

I came out of the class and decided there and then that I was going to give little ones including my own a different experience of music. One that was much more fun, full of discovery, freedom and participation, songs that both my baby and me wanted to hear in a friendly and relaxed environment. I wanted my child to be inspired by the music in my group and I wanted the mums to feel relaxed and have fun too. I had also heard that many of the music groups relied on CDs.