Miniature Music Cheltenham

Miniature Music is a music programme for children age 0-4 years written and run by musicans who love children. We all know how important music is to babies development (the Motzart effect). Our classes are based on such research. Music is calming and facilitates language development and most of all music is enjoyable for both parent and child. The more music your baby hears the more musical connections there brain makes, the more music will play a role later in life.

In our classes we start with rythm work using djembe, tambour and bongos. We concentrate on hand drumming, singing memorable interactive drumming songs and rythm games. These are suitable for any age and get more demanding the older you get! We also sing a rythm song on Ukuele, fast and slow. This teaches musical direction and listening skills. In our singing section we all play on a ukulele from tiny babies ( who may mostly try to eat it!)