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Many aspire to play an instrument and yet the modern landscape of Instrumental learning, means few succeed. If you have tried you may have got lost trying to find material online or in books only to find them boring, confusing and unmotivating. Maybe you had a teacher who spent more time playing than teaching or whose lessons left you confused and with no guidance on what or how to practice.

Tom has a First Class Honours Degree in Music and Five Years teaching experience making him the perfect guide to direct you through the confusing maze of the guitar. His structured lessons produce actual progress in your playing with lessons tailored around your personal aspirations making the steps of learning the songs, styles and skills that interest you simple and easy. The practice is made straightforward with structured routines that ensure you make strides in your musicianship.

So no matter what genres you love, whether you would like to perform to loved ones or on the biggest stages, a beginner or an accomplished player then contact Tom here to book a lesson or make further enquires. Alternatively look at some of the webpages below to see how Tom adapts his teaching to different ages, abilities and instruments.

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Gillingham, ME7 2RB
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