GRC Percussion

Learn to play the music you like with GRC Music Tuition, GRC Music Tuition offers Drum, Guitar and now piano tuition within Hampshire. Why pay over the price for all your percussion ensemble music needs and GRC books, take a look at Glenn Clarke's new drum and percussion sheet music website! GRC Percussion offers One To One tuition for the drum kit and tuned percussion, for all ages and standards with a more personalised approach. Tuition is given in all aspects and styles, from modern to classical with students choosing there own personalised tuition direction.

Tuition combines practical musicianship and reading skills incorporated into improvisation training. All students have the opportunity to undertake professional recognised examinations to obtain relative qualifications, GRC Percussion holds a 100% pass rate with all students which have entered into such exams: please note this is optional with no presser given to study such exams. Success goes to strength to strength.