Ebony & Ivory

From our origins as piano specialists we've evolved to provide a comprehensive service for all musicians - professionals, students and hobbyists alike. We offer a wide range of quality new & used musical instruments and accessories. Our expert repair service can care for pianos, guitars, woodwind and other instruments.

Our catalogue includes acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, electronic pianos & keyboards, harmonicas and percussion instruments. Our comprehensive range of music accessories includes guitar, bass, violin, ukulele & banjo strings, guitar tuners, leads, instrument cases and drum sticks. As well as musical instruments we carry a broad range of educational music books and DVDs.

We stock a carefully sourced range of products based on their quality. Whatever your budget, we're confident that what we offer are instruments of the highest quality for the price. We take pride in having in depth knowledge about all of our products.