Ass guitar and guitar lessons. The best way to learn from a teacher is from a one who is passionate about the subject and genuinely cares about the student. I teach how I would like to be taught. I aim to teach the student what they want to learn. You want to do grades? Great, let’s do it! You want to learn songs? Again, great, let’s do it! I think it is important for students to have some form of background knowledge in the theory that goes into music.

Each lesson which I will tailor for the student will be more than learning a song but there will be an element of learning transferable knowledge that will give the student an edge in their musicianship. Me, I have a grade 8 on bass guitar, grade 5 on upright bass, ability on guitar and grade 5 in music theory by spring 2018.

I offer Bass Guitar lessons up to and including Grade 8, Double Bass Lessons up to and including Grade 5 and beginner guitar lessons. If you have any questions regarding rates, availability or any queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact on contact@mikeyonmusic.com.